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May 22, 2020 Updates

May 22 - Reeve’s Update

2020 may have gotten off to a slow start in Camrose County, and the rest of the world, as we stayed home, but as Alberta begins its relaunch strategy, so does Camrose County. As we seed the fields and plant our gardens, we can see summer truly starting for us and we have many reasons to hope for a more enjoyable summer.

May 19th - opened our buildings to the public. This is by appointment only for now, but we hope to allow open access soon.

May 22nd - opened our playgrounds. You are still required to socially distance when using them and you should wash your hands before and after using the facilities since they cannot be sterilized. We are as excited as you to see children playing on these again.

May 29th - will open all our campgrounds. Due to AHS restrictions we will not allow tenting, and the washrooms will be closed at all the campgrounds except Pelican Point, but it is a slow return to our normal summer.

Thank you for being patient with the changes you have seen with Camrose County operations, we’ve done our best to minimize disruptions and are excited to begin moving back towards normal.

Thank you for looking after your neighbours, supporting our local businesses, and coming together as a community in so many ways.

Thank you for following the advice of Alberta Health Services and our directions and thank you in advance for continuing to respect the rules: practice social distancing, staying home when sick, and washing your hands frequently.

As we nurture the seeds we have planted into crops and flowers for harvest this fall, we must continue to implement the good practices we’ve developed to protect our community from Covid-19 so we can reap the rewards of that work too. 

Thanks to your efforts our community is stronger than ever, and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Cindy Trautman, Reeve

Budget Passed

Council passed the 2020 Property Tax Bylaw on April 30, 2020.

The total operational levy is $13,889,850.00. This is a decrease of $360,495 from 2019.

The total capital levy is $1,119,000. This is a decrease of $626,842 from 2019 levels.

Despite the reduction in operating and capital levies, the decrease in total assessment for the County, as well as the new Police Funding requisition resulting in an approximately 3.3% increase.

Utility Deferral

Council has waived Utility Penalties for late payment on unpaid utility bills between April 1 and June 30 of 2020. 

This is a payment deferral program and does NOT cancel utility fees. 

Camrose County understands that this is a difficult time for some customers, however, we encourage residents to pay any amount possible to minimize carry-forward balances. 

Tax Deferral

Council has deferred the 2% penalty on Property Taxes that would normally apply after the July 31st Property Tax due date.  The last day to pay without penalty is October 31, 2020.

Credit Card Payments

Camrose County will allow credit card payments for all services, including taxes. Previous property taxes and bills over $5000, could not be charged because of the credit card. We have started OptionPay payment system where the fee for the card service is paid by the person wishing to pay by credit card, so all the original bill is still collected by Camrose County.

Hamlet Clean-up

Wednesday May 20 to Tuesday May 26 the orange bins will be placed in New Norway, Ferintosh, Duhamel, Kelsey and Pelican Point.

The Ferintosh bin will be placed at the old village office. All other bins will be in the same spots as 2018.


County owned campsites are closed until at least May 29th, the County will continue to monitor advice from AHS about opening them.

This effects: Pelican Point, Tillicum Park, New Norway, Ferintosh, and Ross's Flats (Duhamel) campgrounds

Privately owned campgrounds are setting their own opening schedules.

Playgrounds & Parks

Camrose County owned parks, such as the Nature Conservation Centre, remain open, but the public washrooms are not open.

Playgrounds are now open but you must follow AHS guidelines for social distrancing of 2m (6ft) and wash hands before and after use. All use is at your own risk - the equipment is not sanitized.

When using our parks, you must follow AHS guidelines for social distancing of 2m (6ft) and all gatherings must be less than 15 people.

Parks & Trails Safety Information

Playground Safety Information

Fire Bans

A restricted fire ban is in place.

All existing permits are canceled, and all existing open burns must be extinguished.

Still permitted: enclosed fire pits & burn barrels and approved propane devices such as BBQs

Food Artisans – CRE Curbside Pickup

Check out our local vendors, now offering communal curbside pickup at the CRE Thursdays from 1-3pm. Pre-purchase with convenient vehicle pickup.

We are so proud to support our local food producers and help them safely distribute food! Thank you for shopping local!

County Contact Information & More Covid-19 Updates and Supports

Main Office: 780-672-4446 or county@county.camrose.ab.ca

Public Works & Protective Services: 780-672-4449 or pw@county.camrose.ab.ca

Agricultural Services: 780-672-4765 or asb@county.camrose.ab.ca

Seed Cleaning Plant: 780-672-2371 or seed-plant@county.camrose.ab.ca

West Dried Meat Lake Landfill: 780-877-2269 or wdmlrl@county.camrose.ab.ca

Assessment: 780-678-3070 or assessment@county.camrose.ab.ca

Planning: 780-678-3070 or planning@county.camrose.ab.ca

Additional Covid-19 Resources from other organizations and governments

Contact Information

If you have additional questions contact Reeve Cindy Trautman at 780-679-7390 or ctrautman@county.camrose.ab.ca or the Public Information Officer, Anjah Howard, at 780-678-3070 or ahoward@county.camrose.ab.ca.

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Welcome to Camrose County

Camrose County is a rural municipality located about a 40-minute drive along Highway 21 south east of Edmonton in East Central Alberta.

Physically, the municipality is approximately 56 km (35 miles) miles wide by 128 km (80 miles) long. Within its boundaries are a variety of landforms ranging from knob and kettle topography, flat prairie, including lakes, well treed regions, and the winding Battle River with its many deep coulees.

Within the boundaries of the County are the City of Camrose, the Town of Bashaw and the Villages of Bittern Lake, Bawlf, Edberg, Hay Lakes and Rosalind as well as the hamlets of Armena, Duhamel, Ferintosh, Kelsey, Kingman, Meeting Creek, New Norway, Ohaton and Round Hill.

Early settlers arrived in the area around the turn of the century from all parts of the world and began to shape today’s County by establishing farms and building roads, schools and communities. Railroads were a major factor in development. Villages and towns were established every eight miles along the railroads; the distance a farmer could haul grain with a horse drawn wagon. Today, communities proudly celebrate their heritage with many descendants of the original pioneers operating the original farms and businesses.

Agriculture is the backbone of the County. All forms of agriculture are practiced including intensive livestock operations, beef production, large scale grain and oilseed production along with a burgeoning local food initiative.

Industry is also located here using the network of 2600 km (1500 miles) of well-maintained roads, three railways, access to waterlines and a well educated, ambitious workforce.

The flourishing of Camrose County has been due to the talent, ingenuity and hard work of its residents and County staff through the years and this continues today.

The County operation is necessarily complex to provide services to its 8660 residents. Consequently, this website is long on detail and provides information relevant to its operation.

As well, the website has categories related to the social aspects of life listed under the heading “Communities”. Camrose County is also found on Facebook and on Twitter.

Welcome to Camrose County, where residents live, work, play and prosper.

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