ASB Mission Statement


The Camrose County Agriculture Service Board Is committed to the promotion of the quality of rural life with a view to promote, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agriculture. To improve the economic viability of the agricultural producer, the county provides agricultural services, information and new technology in liaison with other governments, jurisdictions and industry and by establishing policies that ensure the requirements and Interests of residents are met.

The Agricultural Service Board operates under the Authority of the Agricultural Service Board Act and as such has powers delegated to it by the Provincial Government for enforcement of the following Acts: The Weed Control Act, The 5011 Conservation Act, The Agricultural Pests Act, the Forest & Prairie Protection Act, and the Livestock Diseases Act.

In addition to enforcement of the above named Acts the Agricultural Service Board has established the following objectives to accomplish this mission statement:


  • To undertake a weed inspection and control program in cultivated and pasture land, roadsides and waste areas involving restricted, noxious and nuisance weeds.
  • To demonstrate and transfer the technology of new agricultural practices, agronomic techniques and agricultural commodities.
  • To promote soil and water conservation and demonstrate to and assist producers in implementation of these practices.
  • To provide information and assistance that is conducive to farm diversification into niche markets, livestock and specialized crops.
  • To provide specialized services such as a Seed Cleaning Plant, which are necessitated by the local municipality because of the agro-climatic conditions specific to this area.
  • To provide assistance to producers in the enhancement of integrated pest management and promote producer self-reliance in the area of coyote, beaver and skunk control.
  • To provide integrated pest management Information and demonstrations to assist producers in defense against disease, insects and other pest vectors that can significantly affect crop production.
  • To undertake in cooperation with private industry a series of trials to assist producers with proper selection and rotation of herbicides to reduce incidence of herbicide resistance in the weed population.
  • To provide a professional agrologist with CCA endorsement to deal with general inquiries regarding all aspects of agricultural production. The Board will be the liaison between private laboratories for all areas be it disease identification, feed analysis, soil sampling or plant identification.
  • To work jointly with the Counties of Beaver and Flagstaff on a Scentless Chamomile eradication program. This will involve identification of and active control of all problem areas within six miles of the adjoining borders.
  • To provide assistance and technical support for producers wishing to site and develop of intensive livestock operations.
  • To assist producers in the development of Environmental Farm Plans by providing up front technical/or agronomic advice and assistance in development of best management practices for their action plans.
  • To work in cooperation with urban municipalities in the county to improve the level and effectiveness of weed control programs,
  • The County of Camrose A.S.B, is committed to this agricultural plan, as agriculture is the foundation of the rural community.

Although this program attempts to encompass all aspects of the County's program the County recognizes that some new programs may be down loaded or special circumstance may arise requiring a change or addition to the outlined programs, Therefore additional objectives or strategies may be added as deemed necessary.