Beekman's Butcher Shop & Country Store

Beekman’s Butcher Shop & Country Store                                          

Box 112, Edberg, AB. T0B 1J0

Gerrit & Laurie Beekman

Phone & Fax:     (780) 877-2140

·         Beef cuts - Various steaks and roasts, hamburger and stew

·         Pork cuts - Ribs, boneless pork chops, pork roast and ground pork.

·         Pork - Specialty items - Blackened pork loin roast, smoked pork chops, Maple sausage patties.

·         Processed -         Bacon (lean, cottage and back), and hams.

                                        Beef/Pork Sausages, Farmer & Summer Sausage.

                                        Beef:  Charburger Patties

                                        Beef Jerky - Original, honey garlic, teriyaki, sweet & spicy and cowboy.

                                        Pepperoni: Mild, medium, hot, honey garlic and BBQ.

                                        Pork Jerky - Original, honey garlic, teriyaki and sweet & spicy.

                                        Pork Sausages (Smoked) - Bratwurst, cheddar jalepeno, cheese smokies, garlic, German, ham, Mennonite, and Smokies.

                                        Specialty items - Christmas Sausage (seasonal)

                                        Pork (non-smoked) - breakfast sausage and Maple patties.

Also available: BBQ rental and BBQ hogs, dog treats and bones, mobile slaughter, custom cutting & wrapping, and wild game processing.

Half or whole pork freezer packs.

Prices vary on items and are subject to change without notice.

“Please call for more information and hours of operation.”

Market Source: Farm Store only - Location: Highway 609, 1 ½ miles west of Edberg, North on RR 203, keep to the right.