Bylaws (Numerical)

Bylaws (Numerical)

Bylaw 1448     2019 Property Tax Bylaw

Bylaw 1447     Camrose County/Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1446     Local Improvement - New Norway Water

Bylaw 1445     Local Improvement - Braim Water Sewer

Bylaw 1444     Council Procedure

Bylaw 1443     Fee for Service

Bylaw 1438     Parks Control

Bylaw 1437     Well Drilling Tax

Bylaw 1435    Village of Rosalind Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1434     Village of Rosalind Intermunicipal Development Plan 

Bylaw 1433    Village of Hay Lakes Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1432     Village of Hay Lakes Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1431    Village of Ferintosh Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework 

Bylaw 1430     Village of Ferintosh Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1429    Village of Edberg Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1428     Village of Edberg Intermunicipal Development Plan 

Bylaw 1427    Village of Bittern Lake Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1426     Village of Bittern Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1425     Village of Bawlf Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1424     Village of Bawlf Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1423     Town of Bashaw Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework 

Bylaw 1422    Town of Bashaw Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1421     Leduc/Camrose Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1418     Discharge of Firearms

Bylaw 1417     Cannabis Retail Sales

Bylaw 1414     2018 Property Tax Bylaw

Bylaw 1411     Ponoka/Camrose Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1410     Wetaskiwin/Camrose Intermuncipal Collaboration Framework

Bylaw 1409     Council Code of Conduct

Bylaw 1408     Ohaton Local Improvement Water

Bylaw 1403     Camrose County/Ponoka County IDP

Bylaw 1402     Camrose County/County of Wetaskiwin IDP

Bylaw 1397     New Norway Local Improvement Tax Wastewater

Bylaw 1389     Cemetery

Bylaw 1386     Duhamel Local Improvement Water

Bylaw 1382     Speed Limit

Bylaw 1374     Camrose County Water Restriction 12 21 Water Commission

Bylaw 1373     Land Use

Bylaw 1372     Municipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1371    Bashaw Seed Cleaning Plant Loan

Bylaw 1370    Bashaw Seed Cleaning Plant Borrowing

Bylaw 1365    Emergency Management

Bylaw 1362    Police False Alarm

Bylaw 1349    Snow Removal

Bylaw 1347    Fire Services

Bylaw 1345    Amend Camrose Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw 1184

Bylaw 1335    New Norway Water Distribution Upgrade Debenture

Bylaw 1327    Duhamel Water Rates

Bylaw 1326    New Norway Water Rates

Bylaw 1325    Ervick Water Rates

Bylaw 1324    Ohaton Water Rates

Bylaw 1323    Braim Water Rates

Bylaw 1322    New Norway Wastewater

Bylaw 1321    Braim Wastewater

Bylaw 1320    Ohaton Wastewater

Bylaw 1319    Kingman Wastewater

Bylaw 1318    Round Hill Wastewater

Bylaw 1307    Armena Water Only Distribution Debenture

Bylaw 1306    Armena Local Improvement Tax Water Only

Bylaw 1305    Business Incentive Grant

Bylaw 1300    Duhamel Water Distribution Debenture

Bylaw 1299    Boulevard Grass Cutting in Hamlets

Bylaw 1291    New Norway Bylaws Rescinded

Bylaw 1282    New Norway Garbage Collection

Bylaw 1271    Parking

Bylaw 1270    Municipal Planning Commission & Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Establishment

Bylaw 1242    Dog Control

Bylaw 1238    Municipal Historical Fridhem Baptist Church

Bylaw 1237    Revision of Buffalo Lake IDP

Bylaw 1232    Water Use, Truck Fills and Reservoirs

Bylaw 1230    Unsightly Properties

Bylaw 1200    Round Hill Fire Department

Bylaw 1197    Buffalo Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1186    Assessment Review Board

Bylaw 1180    North Miquelon Lake Road Paving Borrowing

Bylaw 1179    Braim Subdivision Road Paving Borrowing 

Bylaw 1171    Duhamel Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1170    Meeting Creek Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1166    Ohaton Distribution Line Borrowing

Bylaw 1160    Bashaw Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1154    Armena Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1153    Ohaton Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1152    Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission

Bylaw 1144    Dried Meat Lake Road - Borrowing

Bylaw 1141    Road Use

Bylaw 1138    Kingman Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1137    Round Hill Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1136    Municipal Historic Resource - Ukranian Catholic Parish

Bylaw 1134    Braim Borrowing-Water and Wastewater

Bylaw 1132    Rural Addressing

Bylaw 1127    Municipal Historic Resource-Throndheim Lutheran Church of Round Hill

Bylaw 1118    Kingman-Round Hill Water

Bylaw 1104    Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services

Bylaw 1100    Hwy 12-21 Water Commission

Bylaw 1085    Community Aggregate Payment

Bylaw 1045    Weight Restriction

Bylaw 1044    Managing Road Use

Bylaw 1043    Public Places

Bylaw 1040    Off Highway Vehicles

Bylaw 1039    Firearms

Bylaw 1022    Control of Weeds

Bylaw 1021    Warble Control

Bylaw 1020    Cutting of Hay Crops

Bylaw 1019    Noise

Bylaw 1017    Water Trucks

Bylaw 1009    Tax Installment Payment Plan

Bylaw  971     Assessor    

Bylaw  949     West Dried Meat Lake Landfill Agreement

Bylaw  939     Parkland Regional Library Agreement

Bylaw  796     Topsoil Removal

Bylaw  795     Burning Stubble

Bylaw  748     Modified System of Voting

Bylaw  726     Hamlet of Armena Designation

Bylaw  581    Candidate Deposit