Camrose County Legacies Grant Program

If you are a part of a community organization, a municipality within County boundaries, or a not-for-profit group in Camrose County, and you are planning a Capital Project to enhance your facilities, consider applying for the Camrose County Legacies Grant. 

The Camrose County Legacy Grant Program provides funding to construct new, or to upgrade, repair, renovate or otherwise improve existing community indoor or outdoor public-use facilities.  Applications will be considered for projects that offer programs and facilities that are used by residents of Camrose County.  The funding from the County may be used to help match funding obtained through Provincial and/or Federal Programs such as the Community Facility Enhancement Program,  and The Community Initiatives Program.

Camrose County Legacies Grant Program Information & Applications

*The Legacy Program document is currently being re-written and is not available at this time for download*