Election 2017

The next Municipal Election will be held on Monday, October 16, 2017.  Camrose County voters elect Councillors in 7 Divisions.  To see a map of the Electoral Divisions and their current representative, please click here.  The Reeve is nominated at the Organizational Meeting each fall from among the elected officials.

In accordance with the changes to the Local Authorities Election Act, individuals must register their intention to be a candidate.  If someone wishes to run in the Camrose County Municipal Election, and intends to begin raising funds and receiving donations for that purpose, they MUST be registered with Camrose County under Section 147.2 of the Elections Act before accepting any campaign contributions.

The future candidate must disclose his/her intent to run by submitting the attached form to Camrose County.  The information will be compiled in a directory by Camrose County Administration and will be public information.

Election Additional Information:

Municipal Government Candidate Guide