Farm Freedom and Safety Consultation

A Letter from Ag. Minister Dreeshen to all Farmers, Ranchers, Agricultural Workers and other stakeholders:


Dear Stakeholders,

My government has proposed the Farm Freedom and Safety Act (FFSA) to ensure sustainability in the agriculture sector by reducing the regulatory burden and getting Albertans back to work.  We are committed to a comprehensive consultation on how best to balance the unique economic needs of farming with the need for a common sense, flexible farm and ranch workplace legislation.   

We are consulting on how new legislation can:

  • Recognize that a farm is unlike other businesses and that farmers and ranchers require flexibility in meeting workplace standards.

  • Require employers to have workplace insurance, but allow the choice of market insurance or the Workers’ Compensation Board as long as basic standards of coverage are met.

  • Exempt small farms from employment standards legislation.

  • Minimize red tape and reduce the regulatory burden on farmers and ranchers, while still ensuring basic safety standards.

We are seeking targeted input directly from farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers, and others, as well as indirectly from a broader audience:

  • Social media links on Facebook and Twitter that you can share and re-Tweet.

  • You may also see me and other MLAs across the province this summer as we participate in grassroots conversations with Albertans about the Farm Freedom and Safety Act.  For more information about these opportunities I encourage you and your members to contact your local MLA office.

I hope you take this opportunity to ensure your voice is heard.




Honourable Devin Dreeshen

Minister, Agriculture and Forestry