Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

Solid Waste Management

Solid water disposal must adhere to Alberta Statutes.  As a landowner, you are responsible for disposing of trash in a licensed dump site, securing waste disposal services and implementing a recycling plan. 

Camrose County provides garbage pickup service in Pelican Point and New Norway only.


Transfer Sites


Residents of Camrose County can dispose of Residential garbage at the City of Camrose Landfill for no charge (the County pays for this service).

West Dried Meat Lake Landfill is located on Secondary Highway 609 between Highway 21 and Edberg.  There is no charge for household waste at the WDML Landfill for County residents as well.

WDML Landfill Hours and Information

Camrose County has three transfer sites: Kingman, Kelsey and Meeting Creek.

Transfer Sites accept household garbage only. 

Transfer Site Hours and Information

Camrose County encourages all residents to participate in recycling. 


Recycling information available here!