Livestock on acreages

Do you plan to keep animals....

Things to consider if your acreage dream includes animals...

Why do you want to raise animals?

Can you use existing buildings for animal shelter or do you need to construct new buildings?

Do you have a way to dispose of manure?

  • Proper disposal of manure is important to animal health, odor control, and good relations with your neighbours.  The only effective means of fly control is manure management.


Do you have appropriate fencing to control livestock?

Do you have an animal health program in place?

Do you have enough forage for your livestock?

  • Forage is what animals consume by grazing
  • Many livestock are grazed from May through October, hay is fed November through April
  • Harvested forage is called hay and is provided to animals when fresh forage is not available.  Hay is baled in various sizes:  small squares, large squares and round bales.

Is there adequate feed available?

Do you have a sufficient supply of water?

Please Contact our Agriculture Services Department for advice and assistance (780) 672-4765, email: