Protective Services

Protective Services

Phone: (780) 672-4449


Battle River Rural Crime Watch Society

The Peace Officers patrol the entire area of Camrose County. Their primary responsibilities include enforcement of Provincial and Municipal laws giving priority to traffic and commercial vehicles and to educate the public on these issues.

The Peace Officers are committed to serving the residents of Camrose County by providing effective law enforcement and community based policing. They are committed to protect Camrose County's interests including road infrastructure, parks, campgrounds, and liability concerns.

This department adopts the following objectives (priorities) in fulfilling its law enforcement:

Protection of Road Infrastructure: The Peace Officers will endeavor to protect the road infrastructure by enforcing the provisions of the Motor Transport Act & Regulations. The Peace Officers will endeavor to provide public education on weights and dimension regulations.

Road Safety: The Peace Officers will endeavor to provide a level of traffic safety on County roads by enforcing traffic laws and regulations. The Peace Officers will also endeavor to be involved in traffic safety programs and public education initiatives.

Investigating Complaints: When the Peace Officers receive complaints of alleged breaches of legislation within their appointments, they will endeavor to investigate those breaches as thoroughly as time and resources allow and where possible advise the complainant of the outcome of the investigation.

Assist Other Agencies: The Peace Officers will endeavor to assist other law enforcement agencies in the region where possible, with consideration given to the time and resources available with investigations, issues and other concerns that may arise. The Peace Officers will also endeavor to maintain an effective liaison with other agencies. Peace Officers will endeavor to establish formal and informal partnerships with other agencies as required to respond to issues of mutual concern.

Parks & Campgrounds: The Peace Officers will endeavor to assist Parks & Recreation Staff in maintaining peace and public order in County Parks and Campgrounds. This includes enforcing the Parks Bylaw and other legislation as required and assisting Park Staff when requested. The Peace Officers will also endeavor to proactively address general concerns before they become problematic.