Renaissance Signature Deli & Meats

Renaissance Signature Deli and Meats

Box 86, Bittern Lake, AB. T0C 0L0                                                                              

Chris Goisnard

Phone (780) 999-4597

·         Beef Products – Gourmet cuts, bacon wrapped tenderloin, Maui style ribs and London broil.

·         Pork Products – Gourmet cuts, Maui style ribs and Pork Kabobs (summer months).

·         Poultry – Gourmet - chicken and turkey products. Chicken Kiev, chicken cordon bleu and chicken kabobs (summer months).

·         Processed Meats (Beef & Pork) – Bratwurst, sausage rolls, chorizo sausage, schnitzel, pate’, head cheese and smoked turkey ring.

Please call for current product availability.

Market Source: Camrose & District Farmer’s Market (Saturday).