Sunworks Farms

Sunworks Farms

Box 75, Armena, AB.  T0B 0GO

Ron and Sheila Hamilton; Isaac Fregoso



Phone   (780) 672-9799

Fax         (780) 672-9984

·         Beef - Certified organic. Roasts, Steaks, stew, ground beef and soup bones.

·         Eggs – Certified organic.

·         Pork - Certified organic. Stir fry, ground pork, side ribs, leg roast, Pork Loin Roast and pork chops.

·         Poultry - Certified organic Chickens and Turkeys, and Ducks. Whole chickens, and various chicken cuts (breasts, thigh, drum, wings).

·         Processed meats – Sausages, bacon and deli meats (salami, jerky, pepperoni, etc). Smoked chicken and turkey breast, Montreal smoked beef, Chicken Franks and hot dogs.

        Gluten, nitrate & preservative free.          

Certified Humane through BC SPCA.

Check their website for information and availability. 

Market Source:  Located in “Vinesations” in Camrose, as well as Farmers Markets and Stores in Edmonton, Calgary and St. Albert (summer).