Take It Off - Ice-Fishing Hut Registration

Camrose County is pleased to partner with Lacombe County for the registration of Ice Fishing Huts on Buffalo Lake for 2020.  This program protects the environment and ensures the safety of anglers and boaters.  There is no charge to register an ice hut.  Once you have a hut number, you can use it on any ice hut you own.  Registration cards will be sent to you by mail; and we ask that you display the registration numbers clearly on the outside of your fishing hut.  If you have more than one fishing hut, please spray paint or print the same number on each hut.

Registration is required to identify the owner of an ice hut in the event of a littering problem or if the ice hut is not removed from the ice by the March 31 deadline or before ice break-up, even if it is before the removal date.

Please follow this link to find a form on the Lacombe County website.  Camrose County residents are asked to complete the Lacombe County form.

Link to Ice-Fishing Hut Registration Form