• Emerald Ash Borer ALERT
  • Forever Green Project Overview
  • Plan Now for Shelterbelts:  The Prairie Shelterbelt program is open to anyone.  If you want to order through the County the deadline is Jan. 31, 2017.  The cost for the seedlings is not covered by the County, however the County does provide a service to help plant the seedlings, the first watering, as well as mechanisms to aid in tree planting and laying plastic Mulch.  The cost of the seedlings is detailed on the websites below:
  • Plastic Mulch Request Form:  Please submit a Mulch Request Form if you are placing a tree order directly through Camrose County or independently and would like to have plastic mulch available upon planting seedlings.  If no request form is submitted, there is no guarantee mulch will be available upon your request.
  • Trees and Shrubs for Agroforestry on the Prairies

For more information on the above please call the Agriculture Services Department at 780-672-4765 or email