Truck Inspections

Camrose County Farm Check Inspection 2015 Another Success!

This year the Camrose County Farm Truck Inspection was held at the east side Wildrose Co-op Card Lock parking lot located at 47th Avenue. 

Despite the strong wind and snowy conditions, Camrose County would like to thank those farmers who still participated in our annual farm truck inspection on April 1, 2 and 9, 2015.

38 farm trucks were inspected. Of those 38, 12 trucks were found to have defects that would place them out of service. If stopped on a highway, those same trucks could easily have been towed and the drivers ticketed. 9 trucks required attention and 17 trucks passed the inspection.

Because this is a free farm truck check, no vehicles are towed and no tickets are issued. Camrose County would like to encourage farmers to take advantage of this inspection program in order to avoid any on- highway problems.

Inspections included critical safety items such as brakes, steering, lights, frames, fuel systems and drive shafts to name a few.

Camrose County would like to thank Camrose Cargill Animal Nutrition, Camrose Wildrose Co-op and Richardson Pioneer.  The prizes were won by Mark Hillaby, Weyga Farms, Baumle Farms, Blaine Fenske, Larry Young, Roger Gabert, Fred Evenson, Cal Flemming and Helmut Dierks.

Special thanks to Alan Doutre, Gurpreet Bajwa, Todd Thompson, Sgt Dan de Melo from Justice and Solicitor General Commercial Vehicle Enforcement for their participation and assistance to Camrose County Peace Officers.

Special thanks also to Rick Stang, Kel Tetz and Kevin Tulloch of Wildrose Co-op for allowing Camrose County to utilize their card lock parking area and for the refreshments t they supplied during the Farm Truck Check. 

Camrose County in co-operation with Commercial Vehicle Enforcement performs these truck inspections on an annual basis, usually near the end of March or the beginning April.