Dust Abatement

Dust Abatement Program 2017

Camrose County has 2600 km of mostly gravel roads.  Acreages and farm homes along those gravel roads experience dust in the dry months of summer.  In 2016 the Public Works department tested a new dust abatement product, called Clearview.  The results were positive and Council has made the decision to use only Clearview on County applications. 

A few facts about Clearview:    
  • Bi-product of oil
  • 0% evaporation rate
  • 13% biodegrades per year
  • Doesn't require a water truck for application
  • Can be re-bladed the same way as a normal gravel road
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Will not wash off road
  • Very little tracking
  • Will not corrode metal and easily washes off vehicles
  • 2 litres per meter squared has a life span of 2 years depending on traffic volume.



As per Policy 17.23 Dust Abatement, private individuals who wish to take part in the County dust abatement program for the roadway adjacent to their private residence will be responsible for the total cost of the product as well as a 15% Administration Fee ($1100 for 100 meters for 2017).  The deadline for Clearview Applications is April 21, 2017 for 2017.  The cost of Clearview is substanially more than Calcium Chloride for residents as it is a more expensive product, and Calcium Chloride was provided in the past at a subsidized rate.  Council has decided due to budget constraints that the County will no longer subsidize dust abatement.  If a private individual wishes to apply a different dust abatement product than the one approved by County Council, it shall be that individual's responsibility to organize, pay for and oversee the completion of that work.

To see the full policy, please click here.

Camrose County Public Works Department
3755-43 Ave
Camrose, AB
T4V 3S8

Office hours are 8:30 - 4:30 Monday to Friday, closed from 12:00 - 1:00 for lunch.

For information please call 672-4449 if you have any questions.

If you prefer to have Calcium Chloride applied instead of Clearview, you need to make arrangements for it with a local company yourself.  Here is a list of local companies:

Tiger Calcium 780-955-5004
Dust Control Services 780-878-1388
Prairie Water & Equipment Rentals 780-608-8299
Renner Energy Services 780-878-1415
Kansas Ridge 403-633-5554
Kortech Calcium Services Ltd. 780-499-6633