COVID-19 Response

Residents are encouraged to visit and for up to date information on the current Provincial situation, precautions to take, and signs and symptoms.

In compliance with AHS regulations, the majority of County employees will be working from home, so if you need to speak with an employee you should contact them by email or phone.

The main office building will be locked, you can call or ring doorbell for assistance; you must be wearing a mask.

County Essential Services Status

  • The County Peace Officers will remain on duty
  • The grader operators will continue to maintain the roads
  • Our utility operators will continue to ensure water and sewer services are maintained
  • Landfill & Transfer stations are operating within their normal hours
  • Agricultural Service Board continues to operate
  • Seed Cleaning Plant continues to operate

County Facility Status

Open Facility/Jobs:

  • Peace Officers
  • Road Operations
  • Water and Sewer Operations
  • Seed Cleaning Plant
  • Landfill and Transfer Stations

Closed Facilities:

  • Playgrounds & Indoor Ice Rinks
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Community Halls

Partially Closed Facilities:

  • Main Office and Shop
  • ASB Office

Contact Us

County Reeve - Cindy Trautman
CAO - Paul King

3755 - 43 Avenue
Camrose, AB T4V 3S8

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Phone: (780) 672-4446

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