Unidirectional Flushing, Hydrant Inspection and Distribution System Maintenance

Please be advised that the Camrose County Utilities Services are planning to perform unidirectional flushing (UDF) in New Norway starting the week of July 19, 2021.

What Is Unidirectional Flushing?

UDF is a method of cleaning the water mainlines through a network of flushing sequences with the water being discharged from a fire hydrant. The UDF program involves closing valves in a specific sequence to create water movement in one direction while opening specific hydrants at the end of that sequence. Maintaining the flushing sequence is important so that the water used in the flushing sequence remains clean. The UDF technique allows higher water flow velocities by isolating certain sections of the water mains. This higher water velocity allows for better scouring of pipes and will use 40% less water in the flushing process than traditional flushing. The flushing of the pipes will dislodge and remove mineral deposits, sediments and biological deposits that accumulate in the water mains.

 Why Are We Flushing?

Slow moving water in the water mains allows minerals and sediments to deposit and accumulate over time. These deposits can result in water discoloration and water quality problems and contribute to the corrosion of some of the pipes. A biofilm of microorganisms can also generate overtime in the pipes.

What Are the Benefits of Flushing?

The benefits include maintaining and potentially improving the water quality, color, and distribution. Flushing reduces bacterial growth, restores disinfectant residual, improves color and turbidity, controls corrosion and can help restore flow and pressures in the water distribution system. A preventative maintenance program can also be implemented on valves and hydrants in conjunction with the flushing program at very little additional cost.

Will You Be Affected?

Flushing will generally occur from 8:00am till 3:30pm. Be aware that a hydrant near you may be opened and used to discharge water into the street for several minutes. There may be a slight drop in pressure or a presence of discoloration from the minerals and sediments that are being flushed out. Water service should not be disrupted during the flushing process. If a discoloration is noticed, please turn the tap off for 15 minutes and flush from your bathtub tap until the water is clear.

If there are any questions or concerns in regard to the Unidirectional Flushing Program, please feel free to contact the Camrose County by telephone Public Works Office at (780) 672-4449 or by email at pworks@county.camrose.ab.ca

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