Alberta Provincial Police – Information Sheet

In October 2021, the Government of Alberta released the Alberta Provincial Police Service (APPS) transition study, which was developed by Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP. The transition study (called ‘the report’ in this document) was the result of a recommendation made by the Fair Deal Panel, which states that the creation of a provincial police force that replaces the RCMP should be explored.

The study consists of three separate reports:

  • The APPS Transition Study Final Report – provides an overview of the current state of policing in Alberta and the proposed APPS model.
  • The APPS Current State Report – provides a detailed examination of the current state of policing in Alberta, including information on costs, deployment, compensation, equipment, shared services, etc.
  • The APPS Future State Report – provides a detailed explanation of the proposed APPS service delivery model, including several recommendations related to governance, deployment, costing, training, etc.

Camrose County Council and Administration have reviewed the reports, participated in information sessions and spoken with Provincial Ministers and MLA’s.  At the March 8th, 2022, Regular Council meeting, Council voted unanimously to send a letter to the Justice & Solicitor General expressing unequivocal support for the RCMP as the law enforcement service provider for Camrose County and all of Alberta.  At the Spring RMA (Rural Municipalities of Alberta) Convention, 67% of rural municipal elected officials voted in support of keeping the RCMP.

Below is a summary of the information that Council considered in their decision, as well as places for you to find more details as you form your own opinion:


  • Currently the RCMP are contracted by the province to provide provincial policing for Alberta (in addition to Federal policing in Alberta), and the federal government pays 30% of the cost of the contract. The report does not consider the implications of a loss of this federal funding for policing.
  • According to the report, an Alberta Provincial Police Service can deliver a comparable level of policing at a lower cost than the current RCMP contract policing. The report assumes that the costs for many specialized and administrative services can be reduced through partnerships with current Government of Alberta departments, local municipal police forces, and the private sector, but includes few details about the arrangements.
  • In information from the province regarding the infrastructure (RCMP stations, vehicles, specialized equipment etc.) it is assumed that the land, buildings, and vehicles will be available to the province at a fully depreciated price, although confirmation of this from the Federal Government has not been obtained.
  • The Police Funding Model (Requisition from the Province to cover policing costs) has increased for Camrose County over the past few years and it will increase again next year by 50% to $644,352. Taxpayers in Camrose County cannot absorb additional tax increases for policing.  The province has not detailed how the costs for this service will be shared with municipalities.

Level of Service:

  • The report emphasizes the importance of providing a consistent level of service in rural and urban areas, however there is limited information on how these levels of service will be determined, how they will differ from current services and how a higher level of service in rural areas will be accomplished for the same or less cost than the current model.
  • Currently, Camrose County has a great working relationship with the local RCMP detachment (4 RCMP officers work out of the Camrose Detachment Office) and has found them to be responsive to requests for changes to improve availability of RCMP in the Camrose area.

Training & Staffing:

  • The report addresses the need for consistent training but does not include costing to address the training. The report suggests that training could be provided at military facilities, the Alberta Motor Association, and existing municipal police training facilities.  This requirement to recruit, staff, and train 4000 officers simultaneously seems beyond the capacity and capability of these other training facilities.

Camrose County Council is concerned with the lack of information on the costs (initial and on-going) of a Provincial Police Service.  Council feels that many of the issues Alberta is facing are related to changes needed in the Justice System, and that the province should work to improve the Justice System and continue to work with the RCMP, rather than making an expensive transition at this time.

To find additional information, please refer to the following websites:

Council encourages residents to read the information and contact your local MLA with your thoughts on the issue.  Feel free to reach out to your local Councillor if you have questions about Council’s decision to support the RCMP.

Jackie Lovely MLA: #104, 4870 51 Street, Camrose T4V 1S1 (

Rick Wilson MLA: 5019 – 50 Street, Wetaskiwin AB T9A 1K1 (