Camrose County, under Part 10 Taxation Division 1 General Provisions of the Municipal Government Act (MGA M26), certifies that the assessment/tax notices for the municipality have been sent May 19, 2022.  All Assessed persons are deemed to have received their Tax/Assessment Notices as a result of this publication.

The 2022 Property Tax Notices for Camrose County were mailed on May 19th. Taxes are due July 31st. If you have any questions about your tax notices, please contact the office at 780-672-4446.
Please NOTE: Alberta Land Titles is approximately 3 months behind in updating the County on title changes and we may not have the correct mailing information for the current owner. The MGA states that we must mail the notice to the owner on title at the time they are send.  So, if you have purchased a property in the County during the last few months and do not receive a tax notice, please call us. If you receive a tax notice for a property you have sold, please let us know. Regardless of whether a Tax Notice is received, the taxes are still due and penalties will apply.