Please be advised that new Road Ban Order No. 03/22 will be effective at 0700 hours on August 10, 2022.



ORDER NO. 03/22 Defining Maximum Allowable Weights Permitted on Certain Roads and prohibiting the use of certain rural roads by a certain class of public vehicle.

Pursuant to the authority granted under the provisions of By-law No. 1416, and subject to Alberta Regulations 315/2002, Council Orders that effective 0700 hours, August 10, 2022 the following percentage axle weights of commercial vehicles apply on the following roads:

LOCATION                                                                                             % AXLE WEIGHT ALLOWED

  1. All gravel roads within Camrose County                                 100%
  2. Exemptions from weight restrictions as outlined in Section 12, Alberta Regulation #315/2002, Traffic Safety Act.
  3. The County Administrator or his delegate may issue Special Permits to allow 100% Axle Weight loadings when the need is perceived to be of an emergency nature.
  4. “Commercial Vehicle” means a vehicle operated on a highway by or on behalf of a person for the purpose of providing transportation but does not include a private passenger vehicle as define under the Traffic Safety Act R.S.A. 2000, Chapter T6.
  5. This Order rescinds Vehicle Weight Committee Order No. 02/22.