Camrose County would like to acknowledge Camrose County’s 10-year successful PARTNERSHIP with Old MacDonald Kennels (OMK) which provides exceptional Animal Services for Camrose County.

Since the beginning of this partnership, OLD MacDonald Kennels has been providing animal services to Camrose County residents, which include weekly patrols on Camrose County Roadways, including all County Hamlets and Subdivisions.

In addition to Camrose County, OMK also provides animal services to the Town of Ponoka, Ponoka County, Town of Bashaw, Village of Donalda, Village of Hay Lake, Starland County and Stettler County.

Dogs rescued by OMK are welcomed to the beautiful and safe OMK facility, where they are either reunited with their owners, if claimed, or put up for adoption if the owners cannot be located.  Approximately 500 dogs are rescued annually by OMK in the areas they serve, of which, approximately two-thirds are successfully reunited with their owners.

Old MacDonald Kennels was established in 2007 by Martine Huijssoon and her husband William. Initially Martine started this journey after being asked to be a holding facility for the Ponoka area. Martine’s heart pulled her to do more, as she witnessed dogs who desperately needed a safe environment. In addition to Animal Services, the kennel also offers Surrender Services for those who are not able to care for their dogs, quality Pet Boarding services in a modern spacious rural facility, Dog Training, and Adoption. Funds generated from the boarding clients allows the kennel to operate as a NO Kill Animal Shelter!

OMK has 55 available kennels. Each kennel is equipped with a doggy door leading to an individual outside secured space. There are also 5 large off-leash areas, including an agility park where dogs can socialize and exercise.

Martine employs 4 full-time staff members; Hayley, Becca, Taya, Ashley and 3 part-time staff members;  Emma, Shaylynn, Madison, who are very professional, knowledgeable and passionate about animal welfare and well-being. In addition to these staff members, volunteers also regularly attend the facility to assist in walking the dogs or just spend time giving the animals extra attention.

Once a dog is rescued by OMK they receive the highest quality of care, including personal space, nutritious feed, vet visits, deworming, vaccinations and needed surgeries. All animals are spayed and neutered before being adopted out. These necessary services come at a high cost, so OMK is also dependent on donations from the public to help support this important facility. Some of the animals that arrive to OMK require critical and life saving veterinary services, which can cost thousands of dollars.

If you wish to support this exceptional shelter and the important work they do, please e-transfer your donations to Donations over $25 can be issued tax receipts.

OMK has many dogs that are currently available for adoption (including many cute puppies).

Camrose County encourages you to check out the OMK webpage at for animal adoptions, or if you require boarding needs for your dog(s).

Contact Carose County Protective Services at 780-672-4449 or visit our website at regarding Bylaw 1242 Dog Control or for general inquiries.