Thinking about using used oil you have available as a dust suppressant on the gravel road near your home?  Here is some important information to read first.

  • Before you can put oil on the road, a sample must be tested by a reputable lab (such as AGAT Labs or similar) using criteria outlined by Alberta Environment to confirm that it will not have hazardous impacts to the area.  Here is a link to information from Alberta Environment on guidelines for oil as a dust suppressant.
  • Once your sample is approved, you will need to share the report with Camrose County Public Works to apply for permission to add the oil to the road.
  • The cost for testing is approximately $1,000 (This is a private lab fee and is not set or collected by Camrose County).

Camrose County Policy 17.23 outlines and lists the criteria (including the fact that the oil sample or other dust suppressant product must be approved by Alberta Environment) for private dust control measures.

What happens if you apply oil to the road without it being tested and approved?

  • Camrose County staff will attend the property and speak with the responsible party.
  • A warning letter will be issued for a first offence and kept on file.
  • Future offenses will result in Camrose County cleaning up the applied oil at the property owner’s expense.