STARS Foundation Presentation

Glenda Farnden from the STARS Foundation provided an update to Council on the work STARS has done and requested the continuing financial support of Camrose County. The request for funding was referred to the 2024 budget deliberations.

Augustana Viking Hockey Alumni Association Sponsorship Request

Council approved sponsoring the Augustana Viking Hockey Alumni Association in the amount of $500 for the 2023/2024 season. 

CRE Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Program

Council approved sponsoring the CRE Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Program in the amount of $2,000. The program is a practical skill-building program aimed at students in grades 9-12. More information on the program is available here: 

Shoulder Pull Contractor Extension

Council approved a 2-year extension on the shoulder pulling contract with Road to Rail Construction Group. 

2023/2024 Winter Gravel Haul Contractor Selection

Council approved the list of gravel haul contractors fore the 2023/2024 Winter Gravel Haul. 

Personnel and Labour Relations Committee

Council approved changes to the procedures of the Personnel and Labour Relations Committee. More details can be found in the agenda linked below.

Decommissioning of the Old Seed Cleaning Plant

Council rescinded a previous motion of Council regarding the funding of the decommissioning of the old Seed Cleaning Plant and made a new motion to change the funding source for the removal of equipment from the old Seed Cleaning Plant from MSI Grant funding to reserves.

Ferintosh Infrastructure Water and Wastewater Project Funding

Council approved the funding source for the Ferintosh Water and Wastewater infrastructure project. When the Village of Ferintosh dissolved in 2021, funds were set aside for the completion of projects in Ferintosh. With the completion of the water and wastewater infrastructure project in 2023, these funds will be used to cover a portion of the costs of the project.

The October 24, 2023 Council Agenda can be found here.