Bull Congress

Council approved funding the Camrose Regional Exhibition Bull Congress School Program in 2024. 

Intermunicipal Off-Site Levy Bylaw 

Aaron Leckie, the Manager of Planning for the City of Camrose, gave a presentation on updates to the Intermunicipal Off-Site Levy Bylaw.  The County and City have a Joint Off-Site Levy Bylaw which must be updated regularly to keep up with changes to projects, inflation, and changes in development patterns. Council gave first reading to Bylaw 1535, the Intermunicipal Off-Site Levy Bylaw.

Seed Cleaning Plant Asbestos Removal

Council authorized Administration to proceed with asbestos remediation at the old Agricultural Service Board office as a part of the old Seed Cleaning Plant demolition.

Solid Waste Transfer Tender – Transfer Sites

Council accepted a tender for the transfer of solid waste from the Kingman, Kelsey, and Meeting Creek Transfer Stations. 

Letter of Support for City of Camrose Request for Waterline Funding

Council will send a letter of support to the Premier for waterline funding. Details about the waterline can be found in the agenda linked below. 

Municipal Law Seminar

Council authorized interested councillors and administration to attend upcoming Municipal Law Seminars.  

Reserve Bid Tax Sales

Council approved the value of the reserve bids for properties that are scheduled to go to the tax sale. This reserve bid ensures that the properties will be sold for fair market value if they go to the tax sale.

Ohaton Wastwater Bylaw

Council approved Bylaw 1534, the Ohaton Wastewater Bylaw. The change to the Bylaw is from an annual fee to a monthly fee, which is consistent with the other wastewater bylaws in the County. 

The November 28, 2023 Council Agenda can be found here.