Sponsorship Request – Big Jack Classic Ice Fishing Derby

Council approved a request for sponsorship for the 2nd Annual Big Jack Classic Ice Fishing Derby that will take place on Buffalo Lake from February 17-18, 2024.

Intermunicipal Off-Site Levy Bylaw 

Council passed the Intermunicipal Off-Site Levy Bylaw 1535 which sets the off-site levy rates for areas around the within the Coordinated Services Area around the City of Camrose.

Battle River Watershed Alliance Presentation

Susanna Bruneau provided and update to Council on the work done by the Battle River Watershed Alliance.

Fee for Service Bylaw

Council passed the Fee for Service Bylaw 1536 which sets the fees and services charged by the County for 2024.  Updated fees can be viewed in the agenda linked below.

Policy Updates

Council approved policy updates for a number of County policies. Each year Administration reviews the policies of the County and updates them as needed. This ensures the policies stay up to date and meet the needs of the organization and residents. All changed policies can be viewed in the agenda linked below.

Out-of-Scope Staff Policy Updates

Council approved updates to two policies that aligned unionized and out-of-scope staff. Details can be seen in the agenda linked below.

Collective Agreement

Council approved the terms and conditions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the County and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 955 as presented. 

Cost of Living Allowance

Council approved a Cost of Living Allowance of 3.75% for Out of Scope Staff for 2024.

2024 Interim Operating and Capital Budgets

Council approved the interim operating and capital budgets for 2024. The budgets will be finalized and the property tax rate will be set in March of 2024 after the County receives the assessment data from the Province of Alberta.  The interim budget allows the County to continue operations from the new year until the the final budget is passed. Details of the interim budgets are available in the agenda linked below. 

The December 12, 2023 Council Agenda can be found here.