Municipal Affairs Presentation on Bittern Lake Viability Review

As part of the Village of Bittern Lake Viability Review, Sharlene Brown and her colleagues Linda Reynolds and Ross Zimmerman presented an overview of the process to Camrose County Council.

East New Norway Water Management Area Presentation

Council received a presentation from the landowners within the East New Norway Water Management Area regarding a Ducks Unlimited project. 

2023 Audit Engagement Letter 

Council authorized the Reeve to sign the Audit Engagement letter that sets out the audit process methodology for the 2023 financial statements. 

Cancellation of Taxes on Oil and Gas Properties

Council approved the cancellation of a number of outstanding oil and gas taxes in order to apply for both the Provincial Requisition Credit for Uncollected Education Property Taxes on Oil and Gas Properties as well as the Designated Industrial Requisition Credit. The property taxes for certain oil and gas properties have remained unpaid for the last number of years. Efforts to collect these taxes have been unsuccessful and the County has been informed that no further payments should be expected as the companies have gone through a form of receivership or bankruptcy. 

Joint Quality Management Plan (Safety Codes) Update

Council received a presentation on updates to the joint quality management plan. The City of Camrose, Camrose County and the Villages of Bawlf, Bittern Lake, Edberg, Hay Lakes, and Rosalind are part of a Joint agreement to manage safety codes (building, plumbing, electrical, gas), which requires that the plan must be reviewed on a regular basis.

City/County Agreements

Council approved the Revenue Sharing Agreement with the City of Camrose and the amendment to the Recreation Agreement with the City of Camrose to 2030.  

Policy 6.08 Disposal of Assets

Council approved the Disposal of Assets Policy 6.08 as amended. More information on the changes can be seen in the agenda linked below.  

Follow-up Action List to December 2023

Council approved the follow up action list for the period of September 2023 to December 2023. This list shows the motions made by Council and the status of how they have been followed up on by Administration.   

July to September Councillor Expense Claims

Council approved the Councillor Expense Claims for the months of July, August, and September. 

The January 9, 2024 Council Agenda can be found here.