The Camrose region has made a large step towards future investment attraction with the signing of a Revenue Sharing Agreement between the City of Camrose and Camrose County, and Cooperation Agreement between the municipalities and Cargill Limited.

On April 17, 2024, the City of Camrose and Camrose County jointly signed a Revenue Sharing Agreement, an innovative approach to regional collaboration. The agreement sets out a proportional sharing of tax revenue between both municipalities on specific industrial lands, just East of the City of Camrose and located partially in both municipalities. The Cargill Crush Plant site is included in this area as well as other undeveloped industrial lands. This Revenue Sharing Agreement recognizes the value of the City in providing water and wastewater services to these industrial properties and provides opportunity for potential future investments on the sites.

“The City provides water and wastewater services to the plant, which is located in the County,” City Mayor PJ Stasko states. “This agreement ensures that the City receives a proportional benefit of both the existing and potential future developments as these investments would be more difficult without access to our water services. In addition, it provides a reciprocal agreement for revenue sharing with the County for the portions of the land that are in the City.”

Camrose County sees the benefits of working together. “This revenue sharing agreement will set the foundation for better relationships and encourage collaboration between our municipalities,” Camrose County Reeve Cindy Trautman states. “The Camrose County Economic development committee and County Council itself feel very strongly that a regional approach is beneficial in attracting and retaining investment in our communities.”

Additionally, the two municipalities joined representatives from Cargill Limited to sign a Cooperation Agreement between the City, County, and Cargill Limited to facilitate the permitting and licensing for any future development, without restricting either Municipality raising concerns in respect to applications.

“Cargill is proud to be a long-standing member of the Camrose community,” said Thomas Hill, Cargill Camrose plant leader. “We live and work in this community and support agriculture in the area through our connection with local farmers. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue that good work alongside the City of Camrose and Camrose County.”

“This Cooperation Agreement really demonstrates to both Cargill and other industries that may be looking at our region to invest that the Camrose region is an investment friendly environment and that the County and City work together to help facilitate investment,” Mayor Stasko states.

Both the City and the County recognize that the benefits of working together bring a regional strength that we would not have independently. Potential investors value a region that has positive municipal relationships, and this brings a competitive advantage to both the City of Camrose and Camrose County.

“We are stronger together, and this unprecedented Revenue Sharing agreement shows the commitment of our Councils to this region,” says Reeve Trautman.

For more information:

Patricia MacQuarrie
General Manager, Community Development
City of Camrose
(780) 678-3025

Teresa Gratrix
Chief Administrative Officer
Camrose County
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View the official media release here.