Request for Sponsorship: Alberta-Saskatchewan Waterfowl/Hunting Swap Meet and Tradeshow

Council provided sponsorship for the first annual Alberta-Saskatchewan Waterfowl/Hunting Swap Meet and Tradeshow in the amount of $1,000.00. 

Public Hearing – Bylaw 1546 – Redistrict Pt. RL-16-46-21-4 from A to CR2

Council held a public hearing for Bylaw 1546 and passed the bylaw which redistricts Pt. RL-16-46-21-4 from A – General Agricultural to CR2 – Large Lot Country Residential

Allocation of Unrestricted Surplus from 2023

Council approved the allocation of the unrestricted surpluses from the 2023 financial year as follows: Public Works Reserve: $1,000,000, Bridge Maintenance Reserve: $500,000, and Future Expense Reserve: $1,200,000.

2023 Audited Financial Statements

Metrix Group provided a presentation on the 2023 Audited Financial Statements and Council approved the 2023 Audited Financial Statements. These are available on the County website at:

2023 Assessment for 2024 Tax Year Property Assessment Change Review

Grant Shyian reviewed the assessment values for the 2023 assessment year which the 2024 tax rate By-law is based on. 

Bylaw 1547 Silver Creek Water Management

Council passed Bylaw 1547 Silver Creek Water Management, which increases the levy from landowners within the area. This was requested of Council by the landowners of the area to provide funding for future projects in the drainage area.

Appointment of 2024 Weed/Pest Inspectors

Council appointed Wyatt Brown, Tessa Morrison, Tim Sand, Rick Uglem and Troy Hellekson as Weed Inspectors pursuant to Part 2, Section 7 (1) of the Weed Control Act and Section 10 (1) of the Agricultural Pests Act. Council annually appoints weed inspectors for the summer.

City of Camrose – Feasibility Study Request

Council respectfully denied the request for participation the feasibility study of a waterline from the Capital Region Southwest Water Commission to the City of Camrose, through the City of Wetaskiwin and the County of Wetaskiwin. While Camrose County supports our municipal neighbours in their research of the waterline, the proposed waterline will not provide a direct benefit to County residents, and as a result, the County has chosen not to participate in the feasibility study

Fire Restriction

Council ratified the Restricted Fire Ban of April 18, 2024. More information on the rules of the Fire Restriction are available here:

Legacy Grant Applications

Council approved two Legacy Grant Application. Council approved a Legacy Grant in the amount of $4,770.16 for the New Norway Sports Ground Bleacher Upgrade project which will remove the old wooden bleachers and replace them with new aluminum ones. Council also approved a Legacy Grant in the amount of $1,654.61 for the Meeting Creek Elevator drainage project which will improve the drainage issues around the elevator. 

The April 9, 2024 Council Agenda can be found here.