Bylaw 1550 – Redistrict 3196CL Lot A (NW-8-49-19-4) from UR to A

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 1550 to redistrict a portion of 3196CL from UR- Urban Residential to A – General Agricultural District. 

Bylaw 1551 – Redistrict Pt. Block B & C, Plan 2272ET (Pt NW-5-43-19-4) from A to GREC

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 1551 to redistrict a portion of Block B & C, Plan 2272ET (Pt. NW-5-43-19-4) from General Agricultural District to GREC – General Recreational District. 

Bio Fuel System

Council directed administration to decommission the County Biofuel Boiler Fuel System and return the assets belonging to Natural Resources to them as well as sell the Biofuel equipment no longer needed. The system was introduced in 2011 when gas prices were high to reduce energy costs, but as prices were lowered the system has become more costly to operate that natural gas. Other systems in the province were also decommissioned a few years ago for the same reason.

Council Workshop Day

Council directed administration to proceed with organizing a Council workshop day, scheduled for August.

Capital Project Update

Council directed administration to update the MSI capital grant funding of the following capital projects. Since the items were approved in the 2024 budget, project information has come in. The net change of all the projects is a decrease in the use of MSI grant funding for the 2024 budget. 

  • Grader Replacement – increase grant funding of $54,375 for a total net of sale proceeds of $379,375
  • Hamlet Streets – decrease in grant funding of $485,940 for a total over the three projects of $995,000
  • ASB Shop – increase the size of the shop to 40′ X 72′ pole shed construction with an increase in grant funding of $50,000 to a total of $300,000
  • Council Chamber Renovation – proceed with the $115,000 option for technology and further that the furniture budget be brought back to council for consideration
  • Round Hill Lagoon Manhole Rehabilitation – increase scope of wastewater project and use reserve funding of $135,000 to a total of $150,000
  • Proceed with the Ohaton Hamlet Street project retaining the width of the main street and remove the sidewalk as discussed.

Legacy Grant Application

Council approved a Legacy Grant in the amount of $24,338.00 for the Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation Education Pavilion.  

The May 28, 2024 Council Agenda can be found here.