Seed Cleaning Plant History

The Camrose County Seed Cleaning Plant has the distinction of being the first plant built in the Province of Alberta and the only municipally owned seed plant.  We have been in operation since 1947.

With the new facility we are sure to meet all your seed cleaning, separations, and treating requirements.

Seed Cleaning Plant Services

Services Offered

  • Seed Cleaning of Pedigreed and Common Seed
  • Separations
  • Seed Treating Services

Cleaning Equipment

  • Aspirator
  • Debearder
  • Arrow Corp Premier 9 Drum Indent
  • Screen Machine
  • Pre-Cleaner
  • Marc 500XL Gravity Table
  • Vista Sort 7 Chute Color Sorter

Treating Equipment

USC LPV Series Seed Treater

The LPV’s innovative and economical design combined with an efficient user friendly and configurable total system.  Weigh belt weighs incoming grain, with preset chemical recipes the pumps automatically apply the accurate amount of the chemical with the weight of grain entering the cylinder.

We proudly support the following companies for our seed treating chemicals:

Bayer                                  Syngenta                           BASF

Contact Us

Seed Cleaning Plant
Manager: Murray VanPetten

Location: 95 - 46272 Hwy 56
Millang Industrial Park

Mailing: 4238 - 37 St.
Camrose, AB T4V 5B2

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Phone: (780) 672-2371

Fax: (780) 672-4997