The Alberta Weed Control Act requires landowners to control weeds on their property and sets out rules for how specific weeds must be dealt with. This means that property owners are required by law to control the weeds on their property.

Weed Inspectors

Our weed inspectors travel around the county and visit with residents. When they see a problem weed they will talk to the landowner or leave a business card to discuss dealing with the weed problem. For more information on weeds in Camrose County and inquiring about weed spraying services, contact Agricultural Services.

Agreement for Restricted Use of Herbicide

Every spring landowners may request that Camrose County restrict the use of herbicides along County road allowances adjacent to the landowner’s property as long as the criteria set out in the form is met. This form must be completed before June 1st of every year and be renewed every year to be in effect. For more information view the form below or contact Agricultural Services.

Camrose County No Spray signs must be posted for this agreement to be in effect. Signs may be purchased at the Agricultural Services Office.

Agreement for Restricted Use of Herbicide

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Report a Weed

Report a Weed

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