There are many reasons to shop local but here are the main reasons why I like to buy local foods.

1.       Supports local farmers and processors – farmers receive fair incomes for their work in providing food for us to eat and enjoy

2.       Local food tastes better- fresh, top quality, safe food that has not travelled far and is in season tastes “so good”

3.       Local food offers greater variety of food- Can you buy honeyberries, heirloom tomatoes or Berkshire pork in the grocery store?

4.       Local food is sustainable- Less transportation in shipping food to market; often less use of pesticides. Not all local food is sustainable so talk to the farmer about their management practices.

5.       Local food builds community- I love to chat with the producers at the farmers’ market or visit their farms.  That helps me build a relationship with the grower or farmer so I can ask how the food was grown or raised, what ingredients are in the food and learn more about where the food comes from. It is fun to visit the farm!

Marian Williams, PHEc 

Local Foods Advocate and Member of the Agriculture Communications Committee for Camrose County


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