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Camrose County’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) applies to all parcels in the county.  The LUB designates the specific land use districts or zoning of the parcel.  Each district or zoning has its own list of permitted and discretionary uses.  Permitted Uses are those for which if the complete development application meets all the provisions of the land use bylaw a development permit MUST be issued.  Applications for development that are discretionary for that zone can be accepted, accepted with conditions or refused.  

Some areas of the County have additional development standards in place through Intermunicipal Development Plans (areas close to the City of Camrose, or another urban municipality), or Area Structure Plans (areas in Subdivisions or Hamlets generally).  

A Development Permit confirms that a proposed building, structure or change to land improvements meets the Land Use Bylaw regulations for that parcel.  An approved development permit is required in order to receive building permits for construction.  Once you are ready for a building permit, you will work with the City of Camrose Building Department who is contracted to handle all Camrose County building permits

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