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A subdivision is the process of dividing a parcel of land into any number of smaller parcels (as permitted by the County and Provincial regulations).  Each newly created parcel is issued its own registered title from an Alberta Land Titles Office.  Subdivision may also include the movement or adjustment of existing property lines between existing parcels of land and not necessarily increase the number of parcels.  

Inline with County principles of operation, Camrose County works to protect farmland, while balancing the need for acreage development.  The County encourages developers to place new bareland subdivisions on areas of the quarter with poorer farmland whenever possible.  If first parcel subdivisions must be placed on good farmland then the maximum size allowed is 5 acres, as this reduces the amount of farmland taken out of production, while allowing for some acreage development.

Please contact the County Planning Department if you are considering subdividing your property.  This will ensure you are aware of and familiar with all the bylaws and policies that may affect your application.  The process typically involves hiring a surveyor, ensuring the sewer system is up to code (for residential properties), ensuring access (approaches) to each parcel, and more.  

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