Shops and Outbuildings

An accessory building is one that is separate and subordinate to the main building, and the use of the building is incidental to the main building, but is located on the same lot.  Accessory buildings would include sheds and shops, and includes fabric covered buildings.  

Workshops are permitted uses (if your development meets the provisions of the Land Use Bylaw) in certain zoning districts and a discretionary use in other zones.  Contact the Development Officer at or 780-678-3070 for more information.


If the accessory building is less than 10m2, meets the setback requirements and complies with the maximum number of accessory buildings allowed, then no development permit is required. If any of the requirements are not met then a discretionary permit is required. 

If you have any questions about your development - the Planning Department staff are here to help!  

agricultural buildings

An accessory farm building does not need a development permit, as long as it meets setback requirements (distances from property borders), and is not located in the Urban Fringe (areas close to urban centers)

Generally, a farm building is defined as a building that:

  • Does not include residential occupancy
  • Is located on a farm, zoned agricultural, and directly supports the primary farm operation
  • Has a low occupancy load (there are not a lot of people in it)
  • Is only used by the farmer and the farmer’s family

And the building is used for:

  • Housing Livestock
  • Storing, sorting, grading or bulk packaging primary agricultural products, or
  • Housing, storing or maintaining farm equipment.

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