Agricultural Communications Committee


  • To promote agriculture and products derived from local agricultural pursuits
  • In co-sponsorship with Alberta Agriculture Rural Development, and other interested agricultural organizations, Societies and Associations operating within the County boundaries, to organize promotional events to increase public awareness of the various agricultural activities, within the County and of the benefits available to the farming community through the various Agricultural Service Board programs


  • Meet at least 4 times each year


  • 2 Members of the Agricultural Service Board (Council Representatives:  Doug Lyseng, Tina Sroka)
  • The Assistant Fieldman of the Agricultural Service Board
  • A member from each Agricultural Society in Camrose County
  • A member from the Camrose Regional Exhibition Association
  • A member from the Camrose and District Horticultural Society
  • Up to 3 members from the community at large

Scholarship Winners

The Agricultural Communications Committee holds an essay contest annually.  The winner for 2022 is Sarah Taillieu.  You can read Sarah's essay here.

Century Farm Awards

The Agricultural Communications Committee recognizes family farms in Camrose County for reaching the 100 year mark!  Here is a look at the 2021 Award recipients.