Economic Development Committee


  1. Identification of Community Needs
    • To identify and understand what the Community wants and needs are in terms of economic development
    • To look at Community Needs related to economic development and make recommendations to Camrose County Council on what areas require enhancement, and facilitation.
  2. Planning
    • To act as a resource for County planning initiatives:
      • To promote, coordinate and nurture economic development and related leadership within the Community in a planned and strategic approach.
      • To collaborate with various organizations to accomplish the goals and objectives of the committee.
  3. Determine Priorities
    • To assist the Economic Development Officer in determining priorities when it comes to economic development within the community:
      • To work with the Economic Development Officer on strategies, plans and policies related to economic development initiatives.
      • To provide information and recommendations on agreements, partnerships, community outreach and engagement initiatives related to economic development.
  4. Promote Communication
    • To promote communication that supports initiatives, programs or services within the Community:
      • To define and communicate on County issues and initiatives related to the Economic Development.
      • To foster and encourage creativity and innovation in our Community.
      • To promote events, programs, and services in the Community that relate to economic development.


  • Four to six regular meetings each year.


  • Two County Council Representatives (Cindy Trautman and Carlene Wetthuhn)
  • Four Members at Large

Terms of Reference