Recreation Committee


The Committee recognizes that County Council is responsible for developing policies to serve the recreational and cultural needs in the County and will:

  • Review and evaluate existing policies and make recommendations to County Council with respect to such policies
  • When directed by County Council, review any newly proposed policies and make recommendations for Council's consideration and adoption
  • When directed by County Council consider any other programs relative to the recreational and cultural needs including the County Legacy Grant, and make recommendations for Council’s consideration and adoption
  • The Recreation Committee will make a recommendation to County Council by October 31st of each year a projected recreation operating and capital budget.  


  • The Committee shall meet whenever there are any matters to be dealt with and at the call of the chairman.


  •  3 Council members appointed annually at the organizational meeting of Council
  • The County Administrator or his designate shall act as Secretary of the Committee

Current Members

  • Carlene Wetthuhn
  • Carl Bergstrom
  • Doug Lyseng