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Division Map

Division Map
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Division 1

Jack Lyle is the Division 1 Councillor. You can reach Jack at 780-672-4105 or by email at jlyle@county.camrose.ab.ca

Jack has served the residents of Division 1 since 2013, and prior to 2010 served as Councillor as well as Reeve of the County.

Division 2

Cindy Trautman is the Councillor for Division 2 and also currently serves as Reeve, elected by her fellow councillors in the fall of 2020 for a second year.

You can reach Cindy by phone at 780-679-7390 or by email at ctrautman@county.camrose.ab.ca.

Division 3

Division 3 is currently without Council representation.  Don Gregorwich sold his County property in the fall of 2020.

Division 4

The Councillor for Division 4 is Trevor Miller.  You can reach Trevor at 780-781-1277 or by email at tmiller@county.camrose.ab.ca.

Trevor has represented the area since 2007.

Division 5

Division 5 is represented by Councillor Brian Willoughby.  You can reach Brian by phone at 780-672-1097, or email at bwilloughby@county.camrose.ab.ca.

Brian has represented the area east of Camrose since 2013.

Division 6

Division 6 is represented by Greg Gillespie.  You can reach Greg by phone at 780-672-8256 or email at ggillespie@county.camrose.ab.ca.

Greg has represented the Round Hill/Kingman Area since 2013.

Division 7

Doug Lyseng is the Councillor for Division 7, surrounding the Village of Hay Lakes.  You can reach Doug at 780-672-7625 or by email at dlyseng@county.camrose.ab.ca.

Doug has served the northern residents of the County since 2007.

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