Driveway Plowing and Blading

Camrose County will plow driveways on a fee for service basis, but are not available on a “on-call” basis. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please view the Camrose Directory Residential Snow Removal List

The Grader Operators clear driveways along their route at a cost of $60.00 per time (2024 rate).  Residents who wish to purchase driveway plowing can do so by completing the online driveway plowing request form. 

Blading in the summer months is made available to private land owners when conditions allow.  The online blading request form must be completed to request blading.  The $60.00 fee applies.  

Driveway Plowing/Blading Request Form

If you are snow plowing your driveway ensure that you are following the practice displayed below to maintain road safety. Windrows, ridges and stockpiles of snow refreeze which makes them hazardous to the graders and wings in their effort to push them out of harm's way.  Potential damage to wings or vehicles may occur should they collide with these deposits of snow.


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