Driveway Plowing/Blading request form

Camrose County will plow/blade private driveways for a fee of $60.00 for each time it is requested.  

County Graders will plow a driveway when going by on their regular rotation and will not make a special trip to clear the driveway if the request comes in after the Grader has already gone by the driveway on his regular rotation.  For this reason, it is important to get your request in as soon as possible after a snow fall.  
You can make a request by going onto the Camrose County website and fill out the request form (the form is about 11 pages long and you will have to hit 'next' at the bottom of each page to access the next page).  Once the form is filled out you will be directed to hit 'submit'.  Once the request is submitted the request will go directly to the Grader Operator in your area and the request will be completed when the Grader is coming by on his regular rotation.  The Grader will do one pass in and one pass out of the driveway and will not clear the rest of the yard.  The Grader will also determine if the Grader can safely clear the driveway (the Grader will assess if his equipment can safely move through the driveway without damage to County equipment or the driveway itself).  For example, if the driveway is deemed as not being wide enough or if there are low hanging tree branches, the Grader will not complete the request and you will be notified as such.  
Please note, the form is only made available when County is currently accepting driveway plowing requests.  If you are not able to access the form on the County website, it is because County is not currently accepting requests.  Typically, the form is only available for the first day after a snowfall.  This is to ensure requests are received before the Grader Operator has gone by your location on his regular rotation
If the Grader can fulfill the request, you will be invoiced at the end of the month for however many times you use the service.  Again, it is $60.00 for each request. 

If you wish to have your driveway cleared and you do not feel the County Grader can get there quick enough click here to access a list of private companies that you can contact to request the service. 

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