Camrose County is located in the East Central region of Alberta. Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton, is 30 minutes from the northern county boundary, and Calgary is 3 hours to the southwest. The Edmonton International Airport is only 30 minutes from the North County line.

The county covers an area approximately 130 km long and 50 km wide, for a total area of 3,320 square kilometers. Camrose County offers excellent access to major north-south and east-west transportation routes, including highways and railways. Highway 21 is a major north south route (High Load Corridor) through the western side of the county, and Highway 13 provides east-west access from Saskatchewan to the Highway 2 corridor.

The region is home to 30,000 residents who enjoy a high quality of life. The economic foundation of the county is predominantly agricultural, with approximately 390,000 hectares of land. Farms in the region typically engage in mixed operations involving ranching and grain production.

Opportunities for robust business development exist across various sectors, including agriculture, service (oil, gas), manufacturing, construction, transportation, and tourism. We invite you to explore and invest in Camrose County.

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Below are the annual average daily traffic counts (AADT) for the key intersections in the county:

  • Hwy 13: Camrose County east (at Hwy 854 intersection): 5,120.
  • Hwy 13: Camrose County west (Bittern Lake): 3,100.
  • Hwy 21 High Load Corridor: Camrose County north (Hay Lakes): 10,160.
  • Hwy 13 and Hwy 21 intersection: west of the City of Camrose: 19,140.
  • Hwy 56: Camrose County south of Hwy 13 and 609: 2,720.
  • Hwy 26: East of the City of Camrose: 5,160.

Rail Services

  • Camrose County is home to a CN Rail Camrose Yard, located at 4307 48 Avenue in Camrose, which is serviced by both CN Rail and CP Rail.
  • There are rail spur opportunities in county industrial parks.
  • The great CP and CN rail networks offer cost-effective rail access to Vancouver and Montreal, Canada's largest international ports.
  • Camrose County is also home to Battle River Railway, a cooperative shortline railway headquartered in Forestburg that was acquired in 2010 by local producers and residents. Stretching across Alberta's longest straight railway section, spanning 52 miles from Alliance to the Camrose area, it serves agricultural and industrial clients on a weekly basis, boasting three 3000 HP locomotives. The railway specializes in three primary services: tourism, storage, and commodity transportation.
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Air Services

The Camrose County has access to two international airports, a regional airport, and a local airport.


  • 40 minutes from Edmonton
  • 1 hour, 30 minutes from Red Deer
  • 3 hours from Calgary
  • 5 hours from US Border
  • 13 hours from the Port of Vancouver
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