Camrose County is a vibrant community that is home to nearly 9,000 residents. The county boasts a robust labor force, with 69% actively engaged in various industries. Our local employers benefit from a steady supply of skilled workers drawn from approximately 490,000 residents within a convenient 40-minute drive from the county center. Moreover, our close proximity to Edmonton, a major urban job center with over 1.5 million people, provides additional opportunities for employment and collaboration.

One of the distinguishing features of our workforce is the high proportion of individuals holding college, trades, or apprenticeship diplomas, surpassing provincial averages. This makes Camrose County an ideal destination for businesses seeking skilled professionals, particularly in trades such as mechanic and repair technologies, education, construction, and agriculture-related sciences.

In fact, for every agriculture-related employee typically found in Alberta, Camrose County boasts an impressive 8.5 individuals working in this sector, underscoring our strong agricultural heritage and expertise. Beyond agriculture, significant employment opportunities exist in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail, and healthcare sectors.

Join us in Camrose County, where a skilled workforce, thriving industries, and a welcoming community await you.


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