TAC Permits

What Is A TAC Permit?

Lawmakers realize that there needs to be provisions in place for loads that cannot get under the regulated maximums. Overweight loads that cannot be reduced or shuffled still need to be able to be moved. The Province has a permitting system in place that accommodates such loads.

A TAC permit is specific to tridem axles on local roads (County Roads). The TAC permit allows the permit holder to haul “highway weights” on local roads.

Do I Need A TAC Permit?

If you wish to carry more than 17 000 kilograms on any tridem axle group in your configuration on local roads, you need a permit; no matter if the group is a drive or carrying group. This includes the tridem axle group in the middle of a super B.

How Do I Get A TAC Permit?

All basic permits are processed through an automated permit system (TRAVIS). Carriers have the option of entering their permit applications directly on TRAVIS using the Web or using a TRAVIS Agent to input the permit application data. 

For more information, contact the Central Permitting Office at 1-800-662-7138

TRAVIS Web: www.travis2.gov.ab.ca

Additional information on Alberta’s road network can be found at


 Contact the Protective Services Department at 780-672-4449 if you have any questions.

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