Acts of Charity: Superhero Edition

This year, Acts of Charity contains two one-act superhero plays, “Heroes and Clerks” and “The Adventures of Captain NEAT-O Man.” Two plays covering drama, comedy, and the complexity of relationships.
Proceeds from Acts of Charity – The Superhero Edition! will go to The Open Doors: a youth-based non-profit that offers emergency housing, suicide prevention, counselling, and outreach to local youth.
“Heroes and Clerks” a one act play based on an original script written by Logan Hicks.
“Heroes and Clerks” focuses on a comic store owner and certified nerd, Owen and his bully-turned-ally Meg: a jockish and scatterbrained superhero. With Taylor, Owen’s gamer friend, and Veronica, Meg’s ex-girlfriend, the play explores the complex relationship between Owen and Meg and what it truly means to be a hero.
“The Adventures of Captain Neato Man” a one act play by Timonty Harris.
In this wacky, super duper farce, an innocent nerd answers an employment ad and winds up in the clutches of a combination Batman Superman in need of a sidekick. His mother, who might be King Kong, is fun for the cast and audience. The avenging son rights all wrongs in the city and has a direct line to the police chief, who has never called. There is lots of razzmatazz, ding dong lights and machinery to convince the nerd that he has the makings of a hero.
Every ticket sold comes with a complimentary gift bag upon arrival.




Sep 22 2023


7:00 pm


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