Building Your Marketing Plan: Actionable Strategies to Implement – Part 3 – Creating Your Marketing Plan

If you get easily overwhelmed at the thought of marketing your business then this series is for you.

Join us for this 4-part Marketing Foundations series presented by Kim-Ann from SASS Marketing. You’ll learn about your communicating with your ideal client, storytelling for your business, and creating a marketing plan and then a strategy to execute it.

Learn more about each webinar:

Part 1 – Understanding the Problem You Solve & Identifying Your Ideal Customer/Client

Wednesday, August 17th

In this workshop you’ll gain clarity on the problem your business is solving, identify who your ideal customer/client is, and understand what motivates your ideal customer/client so that you build a marketing strategy to reach them specifically

Part 2 – Using Storytelling to Resonate With Your Audience

Wednesday, August 31st

In this workshop you’ll learn how to craft your messaging to resonate with your audience, and how to tailor your communications to connect with your audience and create engagement

Part 3 – Creating Your Marketing Plan

Wednesday, September 14th

In this workshop you’ll learn the key components to building an actionable marketing plan

Part 4 – Building Your Social Media Strategy & Developing a Solid Marketing and Content Calendar

Wednesday, September 28th

In this workshop you’ll learn how to create your own social media strategy and establish your own marketing and content calendar that’s specific to your unique business goals and objectives



Sep 14 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Virtual Event


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