Developing High Performers of Screen Technology – For Family Business Organizations

Employees: Driving the New Business Model for the Flexible Workplace
This third year of the pandemic saw the family business draw on its entrepreneurial spirit to weather yet another storm.
Family leaders remained vigilant while seeking new perspectives on the challenges of a changing workforce.
Remote workers, the hybrid environment, and distributed teams became prominent work-place phrases that represented
deeper challenges to consider.
Company principals found themselves considering how to:
• Express their higher purpose to consumers who want a better world.
• Redesign their supply-chains to meet buyer demands.
• Present initiatives without the benefit of reading body language while in zoom meetings.
Virtual Communication Mastery presents best practices to:
• Keep employees from quitting their jobs.
• Build on critical soft skills to motivate and inspire stakeholders.
• Increase levels of engagement with facial and body dynamics for screens.
• Align the larger digital content strategy with your employees’ voice.
• Identify strategies for authentic messaging through:
Video based demonstrations
Social audio
Personalized communications
Learning Objectives:
• Actionable strategies to improve engagement, communication, and performance in your organization.
• Inspire appreciation for better relationships with employees – identified as intangible assets – to increases profits on the
balance sheet.




Apr 26 2022


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


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