Effective Management and Successful Succession: Family Leadership Series

Based on his ‘life in the trenches’ as a world-class manufacturer, award-winning retailer and 25 years as an international
management coach, Donald will share some of his most important insights about effective management and business succession:
1. As business owners, leaders and managers, our 1st and most important job is ‘clarity’ about 10 things. All Session registrants
will receive Donald’s copyrighted Biz Clarity Tool to actually calculate a ‘Clarity Score’ for their business.
2. Donald will share his 6 requirements for a successful partnership or family business, including his ‘Partnership & Family Business
Audit Sheet’. When a partnership or family business is struggling, it’s always because of the absence of one or more of these 6
3. Every business in the world talks about ‘goals, targets, aims and objectives’. Donald will reveal how replacing all these weak and
wishy-washy words with one powerful word…’commitments’…transforms the culture and improves clarity, commitment, urgency,
accountability and profitability.
4. You will receive the ‘straight goods’ on how to create a clear, specific and measurable ‘Operational Vision’ for the future of your
business, including Donald’s breakthrough article on, ‘The Truth About Vision & Mission…they aren’t what you think they are!’.
5. Donald will share several key insights and Case Studies of succession successes, pitfalls and nightmares from his personal
experience and extensive coaching around the world. He will also share his ‘Saleability Score’ template.
6. Each Session attendee will receive free access to all of Donald’s copyrighted, ‘Business Assessment & Management
Implementation Tools’.



Mar 29 2022


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


Virtual Event


Alberta School of Business
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