Executive Summit Series 2022 – The Future of Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Executive Summit Series 2022

About this event

Our 2022 Executive Summit Series will feature six sectors and will explore how each contributes to our country’s economic success. At each event, participants will benefit from insightful discussions amongst some of Canada’s most influential business leaders and government officials.

Critical Minerals | February 23

The Path to Pandemic-Proof: What the Health and Life Sciences Ecosystem Needs Today | April 13

Canada-U.S. Defence and National Security | May 18

The Future of Responsible Artificial Intelligence | June 8

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming embedded in every sector, there is enormous potential but also risk. Responsible AI aims to create accountability for those who build or use AI systems, with a focus on increased transparency, fairness, reliability, security and interpretability. This Executive Summit will highlight how responsible AI can support the adoption and practice of designing, developing and deploying AI to empower employees and businesses, and fairly affect customers and society in a domestic and global context.

The Future of Fintech in Canada | October 26

From ecommerce to digital currencies, the financial system is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly digital and interconnected world. With open banking, digital wallets and central bank digital currencies on the horizon, today’s innovators are looking for clarity on the financial landscape of tomorrow. This Executive Summit will examine the future of fintech in Canada and the legal, regulatory and policy questions it presents.

Fostering New Growth in Canada’s Cannabis Industry | November 9

In October 2018, Canada became the first developed country to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Since then, the sector has grown into a multibillion dollar industry including licenced producers, retailers, agriculture companies and many more. Notwithstanding its success, the cannabis industry continues to face regulatory barriers that impede its economic potential. This Executive Summit will explore how the Canadian cannabis industry can overcome those barriers to become a key driver of Canada’s economic success.



Jun 08 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Virtual Event


Canadian Chamber of Commerce
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